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Anonymous asked: lets us know how the reunion with cricky went? Is he been glued to you ever since you got home?

Haha our reunion was wonderful. Everything is back to normal!

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snbrder asked: Are you continuing on tumblr?I will miss not being able to follow whats going on in your life. I really enjoy checking to see what your up to.

I will keep my tumblr, but I probably won’t update it as often! I will definitely keep all my modeling stuff updated on here though!

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Anonymous asked: This isn't really a question, but unfortunately there isn't any snow in Wisconsin. Hope you're not too disappointed . . .

This is what I’ve heard, but I’m going to hope for it anyway. I could really use a good snow frolicking

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Last Night in Hong Kong!

Today is my last day in Hong Kong, yay me! Just shy of two months away from home and I have definitely learned more than I ever thought I would have. Not to be cheesey, but mainly the little things with family and friends that normally people take for granted.  I’ve decided to compile a list of thing I will miss and not miss as my send off.

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Anonymous asked: I think when you get home you should continue writing your blogs. I think there is a lot of people that are going to miss them. Its become a form of cheap entertainment for me.

Well shucks, thank you. If something is worth noting or something relatively funny happens I will mention it in the blog, but I don’t think I will frequent the blog that often over break because I’m not sure my day to day life will be worth reading lol but I will be sure to keep updates regarding modeling and such